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Leap of Space: A Path to Hanumanasana (Yogaworks Soho)

  • YogaWorks Soho 459 Broadway New York, NY 10013 USA (map)

The image of a leap (esp the joyful, enthusiastic variety) is inspiring. When we observe people or animals leaping we can feel some aspect of the air, the space, and the freedom they might be experiencing. Their intentional and joyful expression of purposeful abandon is infectious. The Leap of devotion that is associated with Hanuman (the Hindu Monkey deity) is full of such unbounded love, joy, and exuberance! And the pose called Hanumanasana is devoted to the spirited one in all of us.

We will explore the way Hanumanasana includes movement, but is also slow and progressive and methodical. We will address the process of releasing and activating the muscles of the legs, hips and groins, and those of the whole body in the service of supporting our approach to the pose of Hanuman. We will play with some unconventional ways to give space substance so it becomes more tangible and more perceivable. Since Hanuman is also the god of the wind, careful attention to the breath will be investigated as a support for our Leap of Space. This will truly be a process of playing, breathing and leaping from the known to the unknown.

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