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  • Le Tigre Yoga Club Chaillot 17/19 Rue de Chaillot Paris, Île-de-France, 75116 France (map)

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Dynamic Alignment (Saturday)

What do we mean when we use the term alignment? How are we distinguishing between posture and alignment? And how does our yoga practice inform our everyday movement, alignment, posture, and perspective?

Our yoga practice can serve our capacity to live a more fully embodied life. And by cultivating a dynamic sense of alignment we can increase not only our awareness but our ability to respond or do things in a variety of ways. Because life is unpredictable and dynamic, we need to be able to respond to life's ever changing circumstances in multiple ways, depending upon what we encounter. Through an exploration of dynamic alignment we are better able to respond to life's many joys and difficulties with a stable, yet fluid, grace.

In this workshop we will look at alignment as a process of exploring how things work rather than getting too caught up in how they look (that is, function over mere appearance). In this way alignment is an expressive and optimal functionality that is sustainable over time. Come and play with the process of dynamic alignment. 

On Putting Things Together—After Taking Them Apart (Sunday)

Do you remember how neat it was to discover how something worked by taking it apart? Or how much you learned by trying to put it back together again? Maybe even better than before? In this playful workshop we will work alternately from the whole and from the parts, but most importantly explore how it is possible to have access to the stable yet fluid mind that the practice of yoga can help us develop. This curious mind ensues when we begin to shift from being one who asks, "Can I do this?" to one that says, "How can I do this?" and begin to see that, indeed, there is a way.

Earlier Event: September 22