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workshop in WARSAW, POLAND

  • School 84 Corner of Zwyciezcow and Miedzynarodowa Streets Saska Kepa, Warsaw Poland (map)

The Path of Play

Human beings, like all animals, use play as a way to learn new skills, lessen fear, and experience joy. Any discipline devoid of play and joy can easily become another source of suffering as opposed to a means to alleviate and ease suffering. Yoga is not a path of woe, but a way of joy. And learning to play in one's practice is a simple and profound way to cultivate the joy and lightheartedness that can help soften and ease the inevitable pains of existence. When we are fearful we tend to contract in our bodies, hearts and minds. When we play, our bodies, hearts and minds tend to soften and become more expansive. We learn to laugh and not to take ourselves too seriously-and in doing so, become better able to see the big picture and gain a much needed perspective on our small part in it.

In this workshop we will explore different ways to incorporate an earnest yet playful approach to our asana and pranayama practices. And by doing so, uncover the joy, enthusiasm, and spaciousness that yoga describes as our true nature.

6 months Iyengar yoga plus a regular inversion practice recommended.

Please bring: 1 mat, 2 wooden blocks, 2 straps, and warm clothing/socks to wear during pranayama and savasana.

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School 84
Corner of Zwyciezcow and Miedzynarodowa Streets, Saska Kepa, Warsaw.
Classes will be conducted in the Gymnasium. 

Fri 6:30 - 8:30pm
Sat/Sun 10am - 1pm and 4 - 6pm.

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