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workshop at YOGA SHANTI (NYC)

  • Yoga Shanti 46 W 24th St New York, NY, 10010 United States (map)

The Incredible Lightness of Being: An Approach to Arm Balances

BKS Iyengar has said, "I am enlightening each day in my sadhana." So rather than focusing on attaining enlightenment, BKS says to focus on enlightening each day by practice—and to let the practice enlighten each day!!! In this springtime, three-session series we will explore how to enlighten ourselves by a playful approach to the category of poses known as the arm balances. 

Don't worry, we will not be on our arms the whole time, not at all. Rather, we will learn how to integrate our limbs and the core of our body. We will do this by exploring different types of abdominal asanas, hip openers and various poses that help us not only support but also enlighten the body and mind. The practice will help us develop a balance of mobility and stability as well as a deeply intrinsic strength and grace of movement. Imagine the beauty of an animal or an athlete when they are in a harmonious relationship with their body as it dances in this gravitational field. 

We, too, can experience this incredible lightness of being in our own practice, in our own way. Come and play!

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photo by Joe Arcidiacono