• Adeline Yoga Studio 3320 Adeline St Berkeley, CA, 94703 United States

Workshop held from 9 - 11:45am & 1:45-3:45pm.

Stability in Mobility, Mobility in Stability.

In yoga asana, and in human movement in general, we find ourselves trying to balance our inclinations to move, to flow, to fly—with our capacity to feel internally still, centered and stable in those movements (or in stillness). Finding the magic combination of enough novelty and challenge to keep us awake and alert with enough skill to meet those challenges is an ongoing and dynamic process.  

Playgrounds are a great metaphor for exploring this type of practice space. In this day-long play-day, we will look at many different ways to help develop the deeper web of connections that support our capacity to extend and expand, to flow and to fly, without losing a deeper sense of centeredness.

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