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The Courage to Teach, Practice, & Play! (NYC)

  • Kula Yoga Project 28 Warren St New York, NY, 10007 United States (map)

The Courage To Practice, Teach, and Play!

In his seminal book The Courage To Teach, Parker Palmer addresses many of the joys and heartbreaks that inevitably arise when we endeavor to share or teach from the core of our being. The word courage itself comes from the Latin 'cor' or heart. Authentic teaching flows from the core of our being to the core of another—it communicates from one heart to another. And this process can take an infinite variety of forms, as can any authentic approach to deep inquiry. Such is the case with yoga. Palmer (who teaches literature) talks about the importance for each of us—regardless of what subject we explore and teach—to have the courage to enter into and become intimate with, our own inner landscape. This way we can communicate with greater clarity from a deep and authentic place. And by doing so, we are better able to facilitate that type of journey in the students we encounter. 

But we can also take ourselves much too seriously and sabotage the playful curiosity, communal spirit, and lightheartedness that can both inspire and sustain any type of learning. We are first, foremost, and always students. If we can bring that love—the love of learning and genuine inquiry—into our process of practice and our process of teaching, then we, in turn, can help those we teach to do the same.

In this day-long workshop we will begin to scratch the surface of this process, which is a process of honest practice and inquiry. We will explore a process of play, as well. Play is one of the many of wonderful ways in which we can connect to not only our own core, but to our common core, or our common heart.

This workshop is open to all sincere students and teachers of yoga.

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photo by Jamey Welch