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workshop in MONTREAL, CANADA

Leap of Space: Exploring Boundlessness in Asana & Beyond

The image of a leap (especially the joyful, enthusiastic variety) is inspiring. The leap of devotion that is associated with Hanuman (the Hindu monkey deity) is an expression of such boundlessness. In this playful workshop we will work with several ways to cultivate a more joyful and harmonious relationship to both our internal and external use of space.

One such way is by exploring the concept of tensegrity. Tensional integrity, or floating compression, is a term popularized by the architect Buckminster Fuller. In this workshop we will play with this concept in asana using simple props and discover fun ways to experience our bodies as the buoyant, dynamically integrated wonders that they are.

Centripetal/centrifugal were terms that BKS Iyengar often used to describe one's relationship to the core of one’s being and one's relationship to the world. We will continue this inquiry - and in doing so not only expand our sense of kinesphere (the movement space, or space surrounding the body in stillness and in motion) but also include an excavation of an inner kinesphere. We will play with different ways to approach, enter, and exit poses as well as explore how our limbs relate to our center and vise versa. In this way we learn to more fully inhabit the harmonious space of our own body and become more at ease in the space that surrounds us.

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