"Without imperfection, neither you, nor I, would exist" Professor Stephen Hawking.

What compels, propels, inspires, or calls you to practice? Why are we involved in this inquiry? Again, what motivates you...the answers? the questions? the observations? the reflections? the imperfections?

My Mother alerted me to an interesting segment on the formation of the Cosmos by Stephen Hawking on The Discovery Channel. In it he says "without imperfection, neither you, nor I, would exist." He describes imperfections as opportunities... without them nothing would happen. The cosmic dance of creation would never have occurred. He illustrates this with an absolutely beautiful dance of steel ball bearings on a bare floor. He examines the questions of, and the effects of, gravity.

Aren't we, as practitioners of asana always observing the effects of gravity in one way or another? And then there are the deeper questions of the forces, both outer an inner that compel, propel even, our thoughts, emotions and actions. And so I thought about my practice, because it is to me, in a microcosmic way, this type of inquiry. And I thought of something that BKS Iyengar recently said in China about practice. He said, in practice we have an opportunity for "reflection, observation, absorption, and repose".

So I reflect once again on what compels me to practice. And the observation of imperfection does come to mind. So I wonder about the type of thinking that would define imperfection as a problem, something to be done away with, as if we could... and feel that perhaps it would be better to delve more deeply into the observation of these supposed imperfections, with the wide open eyes of wonder. To open my heart enough to take in all the imperfections and more, and in doing so allow for the depth of absorption that might reveal a much bigger picture. Revealing perhaps the bigger picture of the interdependency of relationship, of existence. Revealing, perhaps, an awe inspiring vision of a truly grand dance, one so vast that only a radical opening of mind and heart would support such an observation.

So Stephen Hawking says imperfection creates the dance of existence. Our practice may indeed be propelled (like particles in the cosmos) by these imperfections, and our observations thereof. And I am inspired by the possibilities...